Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tiger warning near WaterHole at K Gudi

We were very close to seeing a Tiger at the water hole. The video contains the voice of barking deer and langur monkey shouting. But in reality it makes your nerve shiver up the spine. We could not sight the tiger, but the voice of these animals warns surrounding animals of the presence of Jungle king TIGER....... (Thanks to Naturist Kumar from K Gudi Wildlife Sanctuary)


Rajasekaran said...

Unforgatable moment near this water hole It was nice time we had in K-Gudi wilderness camp. We hear the barking sound of barking deer; every body was so exited to see tiger. But our excitement still remains with out seeing the tiger at the moment. The time we spent it around 20 minutes near this water hole was “No words to express that moments” that much excitement.
The naturist Mr.Kumar was giving lot of hint about the rhythm of animal sounds at that moment; that proves he has very good absorbing skill. Thanks to all Swashbucklers

Rajasekaran said...

Ha ha … Good joke again reminds the trip. “No words to express that moment”... You made it to express that moment through this Block. It’s really an oasis; fantastic, marvelous work done by you. Special thanks to you Pradeep (Naturist).