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Cataract - Irpu Falls(Video)

Irpu Falls - Nagarhole, Karnataka, INDIA

Irpu Falls and Nagarhole

pDate Of Travel: 11th Aug 2006 - 13th Aug 2006

wPradeep Manohar
wAjay Ramprasanna
wMahipal Singh
wGnanandhan Arumugham

PR De-Tour: Bangalore --> Mysore --> Hunsur --> Nagerhole --> Kutta --> Irupu

jDistance: approx 300 Kms from Bangalore to Irpu Falls

P Runway to Nagarhole Sanctuary Park
Runway to Heaven - Nagarhole Sanctuary ParkSilence of the wilderness

Shh... the woods are watching you... "" Tresspassers will be Prosecuted "" 7

8 Never ending Wilderness

Gateway to Heaven - Irpu Falls Q

"Irpu Falls is no virgin. Today, its cataract can be stopped with the pull of a lever, and less than half its natural flow pours over the precipice."
-- Courtesy Thurston Clarke

ON A SUNNY weekend,we decided to call on a waterfall. So, the iteinary was drawn up and we headed south to the Iruppu falls. We reached the Nagarhole entrance at 6:00 in the morning. Eager to check on the wildlife, we drove into the sanctuary. Admiring the nature, we could not resist in capturing the nature on the digicam. The deer(s) / stag(s) were all around the place. Unfortunately we could not sight wild cats, elephants. We reached Irpu Resort at 9:00 am.

The Iruppu falls is unique, right from its location to its beauty. With enough rains the previous night, Mother Nature looked like she had just finished her bath and was well-prepared to receive us that morning. Light breeze filtered through the trees on both sides of the road offering comfort, easing the strain of the previous night's journey.
The whole day was pouring like dogs and cats. The next day, weahter was kind on us with small showers. We headed to Irpu Falls. At a distance we could see a big hill in the heart of which a white cloud emerged from behind the uncovering mist. Yes, that was the falls a few kilometres away, beckoning us. For a few minutes, we stood spellbound watching the milky waters washing down the hill. It was a beautiful sight indeed. We could not wait to get closer. We came to the end of the motorable road. As we walked from this point, the chirping of birds grew louder and louder and in its midst we could make out a constant hissing ! This is how the white beauty expresses her presence to travellers and they move in her direction. I stood rooted to a spot at the bottom of the hill. The pathway leading up to the hill from where the water jumps off is laid naturally by a stream of water which threatens climbers with its slippery surface and uneven edges. Such moist rocks are ideal for leeches to thrive on. We had to brave them, as well. As we climbed, the mysterious beauty of the hill began to unravel. Passing carefully over the rocks painted with lichens, we slowly made our way to the top. Water danced down the rocks giving instant relief to our tired legs and time just flew as we went on enjoying our trek through the flowing waters. But the mighty fall was still hidden from our view. As we continued our march across a hanging bridge, a light drizzle started. We moved on unmindful of it we were sheltered by the canopy that the huge trees on both sides of the pathway offered. The next turn made all of us gasp at once. There she was, the waterfall, roaring over the rocks as if somebody was waiting for her down below. Not wasting even a minute, we captured her from all angles, with our cameras, of course. As we moved closer, cameras had tobe put away to protect them from water splashing all around. They had to be put away because it was time to feast our eyes on the beauty we had come to see.

Mist of Irpu falls settling down to the woods
Swashbucklers at the mercy of Irpu Cataract

Royal Stag

Open Temple with lush Foliage

Irpu Resort
7Irpu Resort - thanks to Mrs. Vanitha Bhemmaiah (Resort Owner) for wonderful coorg dish

Stream of water from Irpu finding its way through
Wilderness BOAR
Bharatha (the Elephant)
Taking the blessings

Majestic Look of Bharatha

Guide to HEAVEN

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Royal Stag(s)

Spotted Deer(s) @ Nagarhole, Karnatak, INDIA