Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kumarakom(Kerala) - The god's own country

p Date of Travel : 08 DEC 2006 - 10 DEC 2006

f Swashbucklers:
8 Pradeep Manohar
8 Ajay Ramprasanna
8 Mahipal Singh

j PR De-Tour: Bangalore 8 Ernakulum 8 Kumarakom

- 13 Kms. from Kottayam lies the sleepy little village of Kumarakom on the Vembanad Lake. Vembanad Lake - CanalCruising along the Vembanad Lake one can get glimpses of the numerous migratory birds like the egret, darter, heron and teal. Its majestic canals, streams and distributaries along its banks weave an intricate and enchantingly beautiful web. The gorgeous green of the fringed palms ripple in the blue waters and blend into wavelets.The people on the banks of Vembanad Lake are generally peace-loving and follow a neat and healthy lifestyle. Their dressing is immaculate, usually spotless whites. They keep their dwellings and surroundings very clean. The food mainly consists of rice and fish. For breakfast it is usually 'Dosa' or 'Idly', both made from rice paste, swallowed down with coconut chutney. Fish is a very important item in their menu for lunch and dinner. 'Karimeen' a spotted fish is a special gift of the backwaters.

Gateway to Vembanad Lake

Gateway - Vembanad Lake J

J Fishing is a livelihood for the backwater people. The menfolk use small fishing boats and nets. Even the women have developed skills in fishing. They walk neck-deep in water carrying terracotta pots with them. The 'Karimeen' on seeing the fisherwomen bury their heads in the mud underwater. The women feel the fish with their toes and grab them and deposit in the earthen pots they carry.

H Tharavadu Heritage Home

This house was established in year 1850. ('Tharavadu' means a Large Family House in malayalam) It is a 120 year old Kerala Syrian Christian Family House near river bank.
Shy Sun hiding from camera clicks
J Sun hiding from camera shoot.

Sun all set to rest in peace

J Sun blessing us

Just like the sunset
Just like the sunset, at the end of the day we just wanted to take rest and taste the moment.
Enjoyed every single hood to the fullest
Tharavadu Cottage
Tharavadu Cottage - Where we pitched in. 8

Love Birds

7Love Birds

Church at the gateway of Vembanad Lake

Suryan ge torch aaaa

Swashbucklers on the move

Telescopic view of Sunset at Vembanad Lake
Pillars of Kumarakom

Housing Boat


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